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“Our soccer coach leads by example, dedicated and determined, teaches teamwork, motivates and listens, builds character, challenges and develops, committed to our team, our biggest fan.”

Coaching Resources

Coaches are vital to the success of our club.

We are most grateful for our dedicated coaches. Every year, Upper Moreland Soccer Club has approximately 80 coaches and assistant coaches on its staff. All are volunteer parents or members of the community. It is the goal of the UMSC Board of Directors to provide the best possible coaching staff to the organization. Our coach training programs provide a roadmap for coach development, which focuses on age-appropriate soccer skills for each age division and child safety. Such training is provided free of charge and several options are offered in order to accommodate prospective coaches’ schedules. Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are former soccer players looking to stay involved. Others are looking to coach with youth in their community. However, more often than not, our volunteer coaches are parents with children in our Intramural and Travel programs. Whether or not you have any prior experience with soccer, we encourage you to look into becoming a youth soccer coach with Upper Moreland Soccer Club.

Connect with your kids and your community!

The main reason parents volunteer to coach soccer is to connect with their children in a new way. As the backbone of the soccer team, coaches are highly influential mentors and teachers in the lives of their players. Team bonding events can provide an opportunity to become closer to your own child. By showing your child a commitment to volunteering and to their passion for soccer, you will help motivate them to be generous and supportive in their own lives. In addition, coaching soccer puts you at the forefront of building relationships with other coaches and parents with kids of similar age and gender. As part of your role as coach, you are in constant contact with many of the parents throughout the season. Many times, lifetime friendships grow between the families on a team, so become a UMSC soccer coach today!

Coaching Applications

Click the link below to complete our online application form.


Click the link below to complete our online application form.

Field Use Request

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PA Background Check & Child Abuse Clearance Compliance

As you may already know, to protect our children, new PA state laws require any person that interacts with children to complete background checks prior to interacting with children. Effective July 1, 2015, in accordance with EPYSA (Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association) Upper Moreland Soccer Club will not be able to roster anyone that does not have their clearances completed. In addition to these background checks, EPYSA requires a risk management application and concussion training for all Head and Assistant Coaches.

Volunteers who have lived in PA for 10 or more consecutive years:


1. Child Abuse History Clearance (Good for 5 years)

2. PA State Police Clearance (Good for 5 years)

3. Affidavit for PA 10 Year + Residents (Good for 1 year)


4. EPYSA Risk Management Application (Good for 1 year)

5. Concussion Training (Coaches / Assistants Only) (Good for 1 year)

6. FBI Background Clearances (Good for 5 years)