2020 Board of Directors

 President Mike Meakim Mike.Meakim@umsconline.org
 Vice President Megan Hawk Megan.Hawk@umsconline.org
 Secretary Chris Gorrell Chris.Gorrell@umsconline.org
 Treasurer Chris Crawford Chris.Crawford@umsconline.org
 Director of Intramurals Ken Brown Ken.Brown@umsconline.org
 Director of Purchasing DeAnna Regan DeAnna.Ragan@umsconline.org
 Director of Travel Dave Darnesto Dave.Darnesto@umsconline.org
 Director of Registration Lori Kane Lori.Kane@umsconline.org
 Director of Coaches Mike Marsteller Michael.Marsteller@umsconline.org
 Director of Ways and Means Tiffany Hood Tiffany.Hood@umsconline.org
 Director of Safety Chuck Jones FDUM10@aol.com
 Director of Referees Currently Open
 Director of Fields Currently Open
 Director of Publicity Matt Duffey Matt.Duffey@umsconline.org
 Director of Adult Soccer Currently Open
 Director of Concession Trailer Currently Open
 Director of Spring Soccer Currently Open
 Director of Team Parents Currently Open
 Director of Soccer Education Kathleen Welsh Kathleen.Welsh@umsconline.org